Small Feels Not #SmallSuccess

fair parade
Fair week! Lucky for me, my only 4-Her was done with judging on the day before the fair began…but that hasn’t stopped us from checking out, in depth and up close, just what it means to have a horse (or a steer, or a goat,...
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Welded into a Lifelong Embrace #LawnChairCatechism

Welded into a Lifelong Embrace
“You were an ag major?” “Not only that,” I replied with a smile, wondering why I seem so unlikely to have been an ag student, “but a production ag minor.” Which means, to those of you who are trying to figure out if ag is an acronym,...
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Your chance for Catholic Family Fun!

CFF - More than Enough
Yep, I wrote the book on it. And this week, in a move that was totally unscripted, you have a chance to win Catholic Family Fun in TWO different places. Over at One Simple Mama, Erika Marie says, “As I flipped through the chapters when my copy...
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Your Tupperware Purchase Supports Pregnancy Center

Tupperware Party to Support Maggie's Place
So I’m having a Tupperware party. Instead of hostess rewards, I’m giving all my proceeds to Maggie’s Place. Win-win: you get great Tupperware, they get much-needed financial support. You can be part of this party by clicking here. (Note: to be part of the party with...
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From the Midst of Puketivities #SmallSuccess

view and bouquet
I never thought I’d say this, but the puketivities around here haven’t derailed me. No, really. In fact, I even have some small successes! 1. I made an appointment for confession and spiritual direction. (I haven’t gone yet, mind you, but I made the appointment. I...
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Summer Reading: The Book Thief

I read this book almost 18 months ago, and though I read it in the winter, it struck me then as a great summer read. My first reaction to it was something to the effect of: What a read! I LOVED IT! This book was wonderful,...
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