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It has come to my attention that Advent is coming.

Which means that Christmas is coming, but we won’t talk about that, okay?

I love Advent, when I let myself actually observe it. I’m going to give away three new(ish) Advent resources that I have enjoyed and can heartily recommend. And, because I can, I’m going to toss in a copy of my own Advent book, too. 🙂

This week’s giveaway:

O Radiant Dawn: 5-Minute Prayers Around the Advent Wreath

By Lisa M. Hendey (2012, Ave Maria Press)

From the back cover:

This daily prayer book is designed for use around an Advent wreath. Written by Lisa M. Hendey, creator of CatholicMom.com and award-winning author of A Book of Saints for Catholic Moms, it contains twenty-eight devotional services, each designed to last just five minutes–an achievable goal for busy individuals, couples, and families. Rooted in scriptural images of light, the booklet can be used perennially.

Rediscover Advent

By Matthew Kelly (2001, St. Anthony Messenger Press)

From the back cover:

From the author of the best-selling book Rediscover Catholicism comes an inspiring new way to rediscover Advent. In this new book you will find:

  • brief citations from the daily lectionary readings
  • reflections on the beauty and importance of the Catholic faith and practice
  • thought-provoking questions for mediation and brief prayers.

These timely and inspiring words will help renew your enthusiasm for being Catholic, while encouraging you to delve more deeply into the spirituality of the Advent season–a perfect companion for individual reading or for group study.

A Mary Christmas

By Kathleen M. Carroll (2012, Franciscan Media)

From the back cover:

Advent asks us to wait in joyful hope. In responding to this call, we can have no better teacher than Mary, the Mother of Our Lord. Her Seven Joys transform the Christmas season by reminding us to savor glad tidings, close relationships, and new beginnings. Discover these profound mysteries anew and let them add a new, sacred dimension to your holidays. Make this Christmas a Mary Christmas.

Welcome Baby Jesus: Advent and Christmas Reflections for Families

By Sarah A. Reinhard (2011, Liguori Publications)

You can read all about it here on my site, or, in the interest of fairness, there’s this, from the back cover:

Welcome Baby Jesus offers daily activities that encourage families to think, pray, and act based on words from Scripture. These exercises are designed to engage your household during the Advent season by tying Scripture and reflection to your daily life. With each passing Sunday and each candle lighting, your Advent wreath will grow brighter, your family’s faith will grow stronger, and the true meaning of this season will be discovered.

Accepting entries until 7 AM Eastern one week from today.

The fine print: One entry per person, please. You must have a valid email address, which I promise not to use for anything other than this giveaway. You enter the email as part of the comment form–you do not have to include it in the body of your comment. Good luck!

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  • Jill L

    This would be such a wonderful way to get ready for Advent.

  • i already ordered 3 copies of “O Radient Dawn” but would be glad to win any of the four!

  • ViolinMama@ Rosey Outlook

    I would LOVE to win any of these four blessings. Thank you so much!!!! I am so grateful!!!

  • Elisa A

    Is there still time? I would love to win this lovely collection of books. Thanks, Sarah. elisa129@gmail.com

  • Jackie C

    What an awesome and generous giveaway! Would be a great addition to our homeschool library! =) God bless and Thank you for the opportunity! =) blessings Jackie C

  • benny
  • Jenny Panico

    I’m so excited! I would LOVE to win these!! jmpanico@gmail.com

  • Marcie

    Would love to add those to our collection!

    • Marcie, thanks for your interest, but this contest is closed now.

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