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Scuse me. Gotta just say this… Don’t miss yesterday’s Advent wreath link-up, which I think inspired me all the way to next year.

At some point yesterday, I realized that THERE ARE ONLY A FEW DAYS LEFT TO ORDER THE FAMILY CALENDARS.

It’s become a tradition every year, one that I can’t even pretend that I’ll drop. I try, a friend pointed out recently, to moan about Christmas cards and avoid them (and this might, in fact, be the first year I don’t get them sent until the Christmas season actually begins), but that I always do them.

I may cringe with the Calendar Project, but…truth be told, I used to be a big scrapbooker. And then, I wasn’t anymore. These calendars are as much a way for me to remember the year as they are a great gift for family members near and far.

So, in honor of the great process of sorting and sifting and deciding, here are seven pics that didn’t make the calendar cut. Enjoy!

— 1 —

mer stripes

— 2 —

exceptional wedding (116)

— 3 —


— 4 —


— 5 —

Mer with magnifying glass by susie

— 6 —


— 7 —


Be sure to stop by and see Conversion Diary for more Quick Takes!

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  • http://sfomom.blogspot.com/ Barb S

    My favorite is #5. It totally should have made the calendar.

    • http://www.snoringscholar.com/ Sarah Reinhard

      Maybe I should do a post of pictures that DID make the calendar, Barb. :)

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