Oh Happy Day #SmallSuccess

cupcake fun

It must be Thursday… 1. The yard is picked up and ready to be baled mowed. And it not only included getting ice cream cones and having children help, but also running around and giving rides on the mower. 2. I not only went to the store (despite not really needing groceries) and got cake […]

How Mary’s My Refuge

Mary as My Refuge

Sometimes my refuges were hiding places — from the weight of my problems, from the stress of my life, from the things I didn’t understand.  Sometimes my refuges were places of comfort, places I went to let my hair down and be me, though I was often trying to figure out just who, exactly, “me” […]

In which I admit that I’m tempted to quit. But I *can’t*.

My Reset Button

Yeah, all that and more today at Integrated Catholic Life. What is it about being Catholic that’s so special to me? Is it that I just needed something to latch onto, a set of rituals to make my own and embrace? Why does it seem to “correct” so much of what I always struggled with? […]

Holy Week and Being Small #SmallSuccess

Small Success Thursday

1. My focus this week has been my voice’s volume. As in making it lower. (OK, so I was a bit slayed by this piece about yelling. It hit maybe just a little bit MUCH too close to home.) I failed a lot. But I’m paying attention. That’s the small part of whatever success there […]

Chosen: A Confirmation Program Worth Checking Out


As a Confirmation catechist and program leader, I am ALWAYS looking for great resources. With our Confirmation Boot Camp program, we have never found anything that works completely and totally. We have a program we use, sort of, but it comes down to a team approach of tapping into resources, pulling together what this year’s […]

Celebrating the Small #SmallSuccess

Here’s my three-pack of Small Success this week: 1. The floors are vacuumed. And NOT BY ME. #win 2. I said yes to the playground. TWICE. 3. That wonderful smell? Cupcakes by my budding chef. And I let her ice them too. (And THEN I let the other two “help” ice, too. The folks at […]

My Favorite Novena


I love novenas. They give me a chance to feel like I’m actually doing the work of prayer, as opposed to just dashing off a quick request and sending it heavenward. They remind me, over the course of the nine days of prayer, of the discipline and the focus that I can give as a gift […]

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