Chosen: A Confirmation Program Worth Checking Out


As a Confirmation catechist and program leader, I am ALWAYS looking for great resources. With our Confirmation Boot Camp program, we have never found anything that works completely and totally. We have a program we use, sort of, but it comes down to a team approach of tapping into resources, pulling together what this year’s […]

Celebrating the Small #SmallSuccess

Here’s my three-pack of Small Success this week: 1. The floors are vacuumed. And NOT BY ME. #win 2. I said yes to the playground. TWICE. 3. That wonderful smell? Cupcakes by my budding chef. And I let her ice them too. (And THEN I let the other two “help” ice, too. The folks at […]

My Favorite Novena


I love novenas. They give me a chance to feel like I’m actually doing the work of prayer, as opposed to just dashing off a quick request and sending it heavenward. They remind me, over the course of the nine days of prayer, of the discipline and the focus that I can give as a gift […]

Sometimes, You Just Have to Be Still


I’m not good at being still. I’m not good at trusting God. It’s an ongoing lesson. There’s an art to stillness, and this weekend, I realized that maybe I’m getting better. Not good, but better. See you at Integrated Catholic Life for more.

Apparently, I’m the “Epitome of Hilarity”

interview with TJ

This morning, I read this on Facebook: In the linked post, TJ says: If you ever have the opportunity to meet, read or bother Sarah with 11PM Skype calls, make sure you’re ready to experience pure awesomeness and a LOT of laughs. And if you want more “Sarah Reinhard as epitome of hilarity,” go on and […]

Our Tainted Nature’s Solitary Boast: Father Barron on Mary

"The Annunciation" by Fra Angelico

Someday, I expect my relationship with the Blessed Virgin will make more sense to me than it does now. I think of her every day. I catch myself muttering to her. I’m caught unaware by her image all. the. time. And yet… And yet, it still seems strange to me. It’s not unusual that Mary […]

The Small’s Feeling Pretty Big – #SmallSuccess Thursday

Sherry writes about good moods being a warmth you share. And…yeah. It’s not warm here the way it was two weeks ago in Cali, but I’ve long noted that there are some people who can carry the mood. All too often, *I* am that person. And all too often, I fail in my duty to […]

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