Holiday Priorities and Neglectful Housekeeping {An Atheist and a Catholic}

An Atheist and a Catholic

Tis the season for…well, you’ll see.   Brittany on priorities: Holidays, especially this one spent living with my gracious family, put me in mind of priorities, and how different values can cause conflict. My husband and I are both neglectful housekeepers. Or maybe good-enough housekeepers. We cleaned a doctor’s office for a while, and once […]

How do you keep from being cynical during the holidays? {An Atheist and a Catholic}

An Atheist and a Catholic

Well, we’re back, and this week we’re right in the midst of what everyone else is, too.   Sarah on not being cynical during the holidays: As for me, I don’t. It’s a constant battle. Which is where the Catholic Church has really helped me, to be honest. I can write off nearly all the […]

Blessings Are for Everyone {An Atheist and a Catholic}

It’s been a little bit craaaaaazy around here… We’re interrupting our regularly scheduled programming because Brittany and her guys are lucky enough to become temporarily homeless. Lucky because the whole family is helping them move tomorrow; Sarah’s making sloppy joes AND beef and noodles for all the helpers and assorted children; and they have a place […]

How do beliefs inform your parenting? {An Atheist and a Catholic}

An Atheist and a Catholic

Well, here we are, back again after a brief hiatus (which was totally my fault).  Brittany on how beliefs inform her parenting: As someone who doesn’t believe in the universe balancing things out or in an afterlife, it’s up to people to make things fair. When you don’t believe that suffering is rewarded in the […]

Thoughts on Parenting and Motherhood {An Atheist and a Catholic}

An Atheist and a Catholic

One of my passions is encouraging other moms, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that I find myself encouraging Brittany, too. Her son is just over a year old (my kids are 8, 6, and 2-almost-3). We’re very much in the trenches together and yet also in different places. Here’s our recent conversation on parenting […]

On social justice and charity {An Atheist and a Catholic}

atheist and catholic

Last week, Brittany led our discussion on faith and reason. Today, I’m diving into social justice, specifically as it applies to charity (as in “caritas” or love of neighbor). Sarah on Social Justice and Charity: There is a strong culture of social justice within Christianity. For me, this translates into putting what we believe into […]

Are faith and reason mutually exclusive? {An Atheist and a Catholic}

atheist and catholic

I will admit…I did NOT expect the engagement in last week’s “Ask Anything: Open Combox” that we had. Thanks to everyone who chimed in. This week, we’re starting a new format: one of us will open the discussion and the other will continue it. This week, Brittany opens things. Brittany on Faith and Reason: We […]

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