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Wait, Where Did the Rest of Lent Go?

sjcc sanctuary
So I was standing in Mass today, watching my four-year-old wield a palm leaf weapon during the really really REALLY long Gospel when I realized something: Where did the rest of my Lent go? I was expecting to be in labor this week. As it turns...
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3 Apps that Go Beyond Lent

I’m catching myself using three apps a lot more this Lent, but they’re not specifically Lent-centric apps. Want to know what they are? Well then, head on over to my Register blog and have a read.  
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Hello, Lent. #SmallSuccess

Well. It’s the Thursday after Ash Wednesday, which means two things. 1. I survived Ash Wednesday. (No, I wasn’t REALLY worried.) 2. It’s time for Small Successes. This week, I folded 532.765 pieces of laundry,¬†asked for help, ignored that I have a child who seems...
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What I WON’T Be Doing for Lent

What I won't be doing for Lent - SnoringScholar.com
I’m in a stretch that can only be called difficult. I can’t really put my finger on it, but there it is. And here we are, in Lent. Insert some dramatic sighs. This is NOT a year where I’m all “Oh yay! Lent!” AT ALL....
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If you’re in Columbus next weekend… #2015ccwc

…there’s only one place to be, and that’s the 2015 Columbus Catholic Women’s Conference! The theme this year is “At the Foot of the Cross,” which is dear to me in many, many, MANY ways. (Note to self: DO NOT WEAR MASCARA.) This painting was...
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Hello Lent! Hello Apps!

What would Lent be without apps? Wait, don’t answer that. I think I have a very dim memory… In any event, given the chance to write about appy things, I totally take it. I put together three apps I’ll be using this Lent over at...
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Studying the Mass Taken to the Next Level with Altaration

Catholic priest on altar praying during mass
Brand-new and not-yet-released from Ascension Press and one of my very favorite youth ministry people (Mark Hart): Altaration. (I don’t even have a link to share yet. It’s THAT NEW.) Altaration addresses head-on one of the biggest problems we all face: how do we get...
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The Solution to Stir Crazy

Catholic Family Fun

Walk with Mary During Your Pregnancy

A Catholic Mother's Companion to Pregnancy

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