Thanks for supporting Light the Night with me!

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Thank you for your support of my Light the Night walk. I know I’ll have more to say about it. For now, those two important words: THANK YOU!

Nothing’s shut down here: Small Steps Blog Touring, Light the Night, and Interviews


The Small Steps Blog Tour is starting today. I’m not part of the tour, but I’m in the background of it, and that’s why I can’t resist sharing it here. Today, Lisa Schmidt is the hostess with the mostest. Talk about a kickoff worthy of some cheering…here ya go. And over at, we have […]

Another Saint to “Light the Night”


A few weeks ago on Facebook, one of my friends shared that he entrusts cancer patients to Blessed Chiara Luce Badano. I already dedicated my “Light the Night” walk to St. Peregrine, who’s the official patron of cancer, but I couldn’t help but look up Blessed Chiara. After reading about her, I’ve decided she’s on […]

“Light the Night” Became REALLY Personal


Last week, I mentioned that I’m joining the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s “Light the Night” walk and I asked for your support with both prayers and funds. But now, now it’s personal. Meet the woman we called Nini. She impacted a lot of lives in her 82 years, and there aren’t a lot of dry eyes […]

Help me “Light the Night” and support lymphoma research


You know what I love about being Catholic? The works of mercy. They’re faith in action. They’re actions speak louder. They’re hands-on, tangible, touch-and-see-and-feel. And they’re hard. I’m in a season when I consider “feeding the hungry” done if I successfully make dinner. I’ve been suspecting lately that there might be some slactivism at work in my […]

Could Obamacare inadvertently legalize physician-assisted suicide?

Could Obamacare inadvertently legalize physician-assisted suicide?

Today, I’m glad to have a bit of an expert on this to share some thoughts with us about the dangers that the Affordable Care Act could create. These life issues topics are near and dear to my heart, and, honestly, they should be in ALL of our prayers. –Sarah Could Obamacare inadvertently legalize physician-assisted […]

Inspired by Pope Francis

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This is the kind of news I love. From an email this weekend: I wanted to bring this piece of local news to your attention. It’s my son, Alex. He just made First Holy Communion and received money for the occasion. He decided to donate all of it to the local Ecumenical Kitchen. He is […]

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