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It’s Not About Me {Mom to Mom}

Jeannie Ewing
You know that person who always seems to know just what to say? Who drops you a line right when you most need it? Who seems to bring to life whatever God wanted you to hear or know? That’s been my experience in the last...
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Bonding with Baby Before Birth {Mom to Mom}

bonding with baby before birth
Today, a guest post that makes me think of how Mary must have felt all those years ago. Was it only eight years ago that I too was ready to burst, full of baby and hope and fear? It changed my approach to Christmas, that’s...
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My Fertile Imagination {Mom to Mom}

Have you struggled with infertility? In the letter that follows, Erin McCole Cupp shares some of her struggles and offers encouragement. And there are some book recommendations too, no extra charge. “My Fertile Imagination” By Erin McCole Cupp Dear Less-than-fertile Catholic Mom, I remember, during...
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Finding Yourself in an Unexpected Place {Mom to Mom}

finding unexpected
OF COURSE you’ve found something where you least expect it: your phone, the remote, that missing sock. Today, Kathy Club asks us to consider if we might find more than what’s in our hands…   Finding Yourself in an Unexpected Place By Kathy Clubb Have...
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3 Truths for My Children {Mom to Mom}

mom to mom series
Today’s guest post challenges us to consider: if our children could remember only three things from us to take with them into adulthood, what would you want them to be? 3 Truths for My Children By Melanie Jean Juneau As a Catholic mothers it seems...
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