It’s about more than just showing up.

Sarah on Catholic Weekend

Today, I didn’t just show up for Catholic Weekend. I also managed to wrangle myself into the seat of guest host. Watch if you dare…

Here I am…in audio!

Here’s some fun stuff: Mary Moments are baaaaack! If you’ve been missing them (or you’re wondering what I’m talking about), check out iPadre 282 (and the music is beautiful too). I’m honored to be a guest again on Among Women, one of my favorite podcasts hosted by the ever-awesome Pat Gohn. We talk pregnancy and […]

Among Friends


Every time there’s a new episode of Among Women, I feel like my favorite girlfriends are all gathered together and we’re ready for some serious talk, some serious laughter, and some serious faith. Being in a position to join Pat in the conversation–in actuality, on the other end of a Skype call–is made doubly sweet […]

Writing Elsewhere

Here’s what I’ve been doing in other spaces in the last week… Win a Kindle Touch and Catholic Family Fun You can enter a number of different ways, a number of different times, but only through May 11. Read it all and enter to win at Star of the New Evangelization The stars were GPS for the […]

My Writing in Other Places Last Week

Here’s what I’ve been doing in other spaces this week… New Evanglizers and Smiling I link to a speech from Dolan, share some thoughts of my own, and use a picture that can only be described as cutesy. The New Evangelization is a dare? I can’t help but think back to the games of Truth or […]

The Sacramental Principle and Family Fun

CFF book tour

This week it was quite a pleasure to talk with Jeff Young on the latest Catholic Foodie. During our discussion about Holy Week, I shared one of my passions: Holy Thursday. We talked about Catholic Family Fun, too, and about how important it is to spend time as a family. Bonus: you’ll learn what “sacramental […]

Quick Takes of the Writing & Praying & Book Variety


Jen at Conversion Diary isn’t hosting Quick Takes this week, but…well, it’s become something of a habit for me. Happy Triduum and Easter, everyone! — 1 — Thank you for all the prayers when I posted my request here on the blog and on my social networks Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Our family has been truly lifted […]

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