Quick Takes – Linky Dinky Do Version


— 1 — Under the “too cool not to share” heading: Ellen Gable is giving away Kindle copies of Emily’s Hope from today through Sunday, February 12. If you’re looking for a good novel, give it a try. You can read it virtually anywhere–there are Kindle apps for every device and even a way to read using […]

Quick Takes: Order WRJ, Enter to Win, & Smile


— 1 — Lent is coming and I have a book that’s hot off the presses. And guess what? It’s only $1.99. So go to your local Catholic bookstore (or one of the many other places you’ll find it, if you don’t have a store locally). Parishes receive bulk discounts, depending on the quantity they order, and […]

Looking for Me?

Well, you’re in the right place. If you want to hear me… – Catholic Foodie 128 has oysters on the menu and my Mary in the Kitchen segment is about resolutions and failure and…Mary. – Uncommon Sense 55 talks all about Chestertonian resolutions and my Mary Minute with Chesterton reflects on Mary becoming more beautiful […]

Some Quick Takes Near the End of Advent


— 1 — I have a special intention for the Christmas Novena, which begins today. Will you join in? Pray More Novenas has a handy site and will even send you emails, if that helps you remember to pray. — 2 — Now that I’ve been Catholic for ten years (ten years! ten years?), I […]

The Leftover Turkey Daybook


Outside my window: The sun is trying to infuse the day, but there is gray all around. The sunrise was amazing though, and no less because it came after a hot breakfast of farm eggs and bacon, family and coffee, laughter and cuddling. Around the house: A sleeping baby and evidence of said breakfast still lingering […]

The Thanksgiving Mary in the Kitchen

I’m a day late, but not a dollar short, I hope, because aren’t we all still thankful today? Non-foodies everywhere are quaking in their boots, and while the audience in the kitchen today might be made up primarily of those who savor the challenge ahead with a string of major holidays, let me be the […]

NFP apps, blogging, sacramental prep, & podcasts


Know a good NFP app or one that will serve that function? I’m looking for one. Read more at this week’s Tech Talk column at CatholicMom.com. Lisa Mladinich has a new book designed to help with sacramental preparation and, in a word, it ROCKS. Here’s my full raving review at CatholicMom.com. Over at the Catholic Writers […]

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