About the Book

Catholic Family Fun: A Guide for the Adventurous, Overwhelmed, Creative, or CluelessDoes this sound like you?

- “I feel like we all come home and plug into our digital devices.  We’re in the same room, but we’re connecting to everyone but our own family.”

- “I’m stuck in a rut — chores, homework, sports — what can we do to break out of the routine?”

- “We aren’t talking to each other, we’re talking at each other. Help!”

- “Summer vacation terrifies me.  What am I going to do with these kids all summer long?”

- “I see these beautiful magazine layouts, and feel like my family is a failure. How can I make memories when I can barely make dinner?  And no hot glue guns, please.”

- “I know family is important.  I know God is important.  But I’m afraid the faith is becoming one more chore for us.”

- “I miss being active in ministry.  What can families with young children do to serve the Church?”

Here’s why Catholic Family Fun is for YOU:

- No-tech family activities for unplugged family-connecting time.

- Outings and adventures for invisible budgets.

- Easy hands-on activities for the not-so-crafty.

- Fun ways to share the faith.

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