Pass the Coffee #SmallSuccess

There are times when celebrating the small gets to feel like it’s a little…much. And lately, that’s been a battle for me. I get it. Yes, celebrate the little ordinary things that make life awesome. Yes, go forth and do little things with great joy....
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Reformed and Reshaped #LawnChairCatechism

Reformed and Reshaped
“Our baptism is that experience in our lives that aligns us with God.”  - Joe Paprocki, A Well-Built Faith It’s in a call-out box in Chapter 7, and I can’t help but notice it again. Is that what my baptism did for me? It’s been 13 years, but...
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Summer Reading: Do No Harm

I’m a biiiiig fan of novels. In fact, I’ve been known to reward myself with fiction after I’ve read some certain number of nonfiction books. I used to think that made me something of a slacker. I mean, surely the great theologians don’t read fluffy...
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Online Tupperware Party Benefiting Pregnancy Center

Have you heard of Maggie’s Place? I hadn’t, until recently. Maggie’s Place provides houses of hospitality and ongoing support to help pregnant and parenting women in need reach their goals, and welcomes them into a community filled with love and dignity. There are two locations:...
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Knees and Waves on the Fourth of July

For me, Independence Day has never been as much about fireworks as about corn. For as far back as I can remember, the benchmark of summer was the height of the corn by the Fourth of July. “Knee high by the Fourth of July” punctuated...
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I Want a Cookie #SmallSuccess

Sometimes, I feel like these Small Success posts are the blogging equivalent of me shouting out about my piddly inconsequentialities and then expecting a reward or, at the very least, a cookie. So, if you’re passing me a cookie, I’d like double chocolate, pretty please,...
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The Union’s My People #LawnChairCatechism

J baptism
Baptism never seemed all that special a thing to me until I held the baby. The baby who came from me, from my body. Even my own baptism was something rather passing to me. (When I say conversion is ongoing, I’m speaking from personal experience.) All my sins were...
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