Introducing Reinhard #4

baby4 ultrasound1
I mean, yeah, there’s social media. But isn’t the whole reason for a blog that you can announce fun great news like this to the whole world? Yes, I thought you’d agree.
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Cutting My Teeth (again) as a Boy Mom #SmallSuccess

baby teeth
I consider myself pretty much a rookie at this boy mom business. And this week, that mancub o’ mine is the inspiration for my small successes. 1. When he came to me howling, I didn’t start howling along with him when I realized that his front...
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Summer Reading: The Rosie Project

Oh. My. Word. What a book! First, it’s entertaining and hilarious. Second, it’s insightful into those highly analytical Asperger’s types. I heard about it thanks to Julie and Scott at the A Good Story Is Hard to Find podcast, and their discussion made me curious...
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Staycation and School’s Close #SmallSuccess

2014-08-10 13.45.26
I took a week (sort of) off and staycationed last week. This week, as I battle a few personal challenges, I’m feeling particularly small in my successes. 1. I’ve allowed myself some extra rest this week. And oh, it has helped tremendously. 2. We went...
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Yes, You CAN

Yes, You CAN Be a Catechist
Be a catechist, that is. If you think that being a catechist takes a big investment of time, you’re right. But that time is a gift you give, not just to your parish but to the entire Church. Our kids aren’t just the future of...
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Summer Reading: The Watson Chronicles

Watson Chronicles
I just lovvvvve a good mystery. And did I ever find one this summer! In The Watson Chronicles, Ann Margaret Lewis dusts off everything I loved about Sherlock Holmes in junior high (when I discovered him thanks to required reading) and adds enough that grown-up me...
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Summer Reading: Tobit’s Dog

I love the book of Tobit and I read it many years ago, sitting in Adoration as a new Catholic. And I wondered why in the world you would cut such a brilliant adventure story from the Bible. I was therefore VERY excited when I heard...
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