From Advent to Christmas: Lighting the Christ Candle

lighting the christ candle

In the center of my Advent wreath is a tall white pillar. It’s the Christ Candle, and it makes my wreath glow with a friendly light. It makes me think of the host of angels lighting up the sky that first Christmas night. It reminds me that Jesus was the light of the world and […]

The Fourth Week of Advent: The Love Candle

fourth week of advent love candle

The fourth week of Advent is a moving target, depending on the year, but it still has its own candle: the Love Candle. Keep searching for Christ. Christ comes to me every day, but I’m not sure I recognize or acknowledge him as such. Am I friendly and courteous to the people who annoy me […]

The Third Week of Advent: The Joy Candle

third week of advent joy candle

The third week of Advent is the week we light the pink candle on our Advent wreath, the Joy Candle. We are surrounded by joy. Though Advent is a penitential season, we’re surrounded by joy. As we journey through this season, we empty ourselves of the extra and unneeded and find ourselves open to be […]

Advent Wreaths Galore


Today, we’re hosting an Advent Wreath Link-Up at and I couldn’t bear to have anyone not included. So what follows are the Advent wreaths readers without blogs sent to me. I’m sharing about my Advent wreaths in the post at, so be sure to stop over there too. First up, Christina Perozzi. She […]

The Second Week of Advent: The Peace Candle

second week of advent peace candle

During the second week of Advent, we have the chance to light the second purple candle, the Peace Candle. We bring peace to the world when we bring peace to our world. Advent focuses on repentance each year. During the second Sunday of Advent, we hear John the Baptist proclaim loudly, “Repent, for the Kingdom […]

Advent Links (for the Ladies from St. Bartholomew in Cincinnati)

I used not one, but TWO Advent wreaths during my talk. What can I say? Flames are FUN! :)

I think I had the MOST FUN I have EVER had at a talk tonight. And I couldn’t find my camera before I left home and I have no audio to share and…well, you’ll just have to believe me. I did, however, tweet my set-up pic (from my non-smartphone): So, for those of you who […]

This is your friendly Advent Wreath Link-Up reminder


Here’s your friendly reminder: On Monday, we’re hosting an Advent Wreath Link-Up at! The post will go live at 6 a.m. Eastern (3 a.m. Pacific). Here’s how it works: 1. Take a picture of your Advent wreath. 2. If you have a blog, post it there. If not, email it to me and I’ll […]

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