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Chosen: A Confirmation Program Worth Checking Out

As a Confirmation catechist and program leader, I am ALWAYS looking for great resources. With our Confirmation Boot Camp program, we have never found anything that works completely and totally. We have a program we use, sort of, but it comes down to a team...
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Finding Mary in the Confirmation Candidates

A Mary Moment Monday post This week, I’m doing one of my favorite things: teaching and supporting our parish’s Confirmation Boot Camp. Over the three years that I’ve been involved with this, I’ve found my own faith deepening. In the time that I’ve studied and...
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All Sisters Are NOT Nuns

NOT nuns
There I was, in front of 2000 women, all but squeeing about nuns as I introduced them. I stepped away, smiling and thoroughly enjoying myself, eager to hear what they had to say about living the virtues through the lens of Mary. Except, as I...
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How the Rice Bowl Helps Me Observe Lent

rice bowl
One of my favorite parts of being Catholic during Lent has been the rice bowl program. It used to be Operation Rice Bowl, but this year it got a name change and a facelift: it’s CRS Rice Bowl now, but the same great program by...
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Got a minute for some Quick Takes?

Advent Wreath Link-Up at Snoring Scholar
— 1 — Remember last year’s Advent wreath link-up? It’s not to late to enter for this year’s! Because yes, I’m doing it again. {Why not? It was fun! :)} What you do: Take a picture of your Advent wreath. How you participate: Option 1: Post your...
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Teaching the Sacraments & Gushing about Women

This week, I used an object lesson to introduce my fifth-grade class to the sacraments during our parish’s evening religious education classes. I wrote about it over at Amazing Catechists, and there are already some great ideas in the comments. Hope you find it useful,...
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NFP apps, blogging, sacramental prep, & podcasts

Know a good NFP app or one that will serve that function? I’m looking for one. Read more at this week’s Tech Talk column at CatholicMom.com. Lisa Mladinich has a new book designed to help with sacramental preparation and, in a word, it ROCKS. Here’s my...
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