Here a #SmallSuccess, There a #SmallSuccess

Small Success Thursday

Ever have a week where you just throw up your hands and call it over? Well, I’m not quite there yet, but I’m close. Lucky for me, we have this thing where we remind ourselves of the importance of small. I guess it’s sort of Therese-ish, isn’t it? Here are my three small successes this week, […]

How is it Thursday already? #SmallSuccess

Small Success Thursday

Does it count that I’ve survived the week? No? Well. Here goes, then: 1. I have NOT been to bed later than 11 all week. In fact, I’ve been trending earlier. Small? Nope. HUGE. Because it means… 2. I’ve been getting up BEFORE everyone else. 3. We have not given in to the temptation to […]

Meatless Notsanga #MeatlessFriday


Recipes ain’t zactly what I’m known for. Ever. And yet…and yet, I cook. (At least one family member just fell over. I heard the thunk.) Because here’s the thing: we live in the middle of a cornfield. And we have to eat. And processed food just doesn’t cut it for taste. I’ve been following the […]

I wanted to blog, but all I had was this daybook…

boys atractorin

Outside my window: Cold and white with cold on top. It’s pretty, I give it that. Around the house: They’re in the bathroom doing something with toothbrushes and giggles. What I’ve been writing: The latest is a reflection on some reading I did for the Catholic Spiritual Direction Book Club – Saint Francis de Sales […]

Be a Winner


Have you entered that big giveablastaway that the Catholic Blogger peeps are doing? I threw a book in the mix and it’s quite a giveaway. The cash money is always a good thing, methinks. My post about it (where you can also enter) is here. And then there’s the books we’re giveaway away at […]

Like Good Fiction?


Three new good novels in our weekly giveaway at Yeah, you do want to enter. Every day. All three come highly recommended from your favorite snoring scholar:

Short and Sweet #SmallSuccess

word among us helps

1. I folded about 10 baskets of laundry last night. And THEN I oversaw the Putting Away Of Most Of It. With the kids helping. (Admittedly, this may be a HUGE success.) 2. In the last week I’ve closed the lid of my laptop and played multiple versions of Monopoly, the Game of Life, Sorry, Uno, and […]

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