From Advent to Christmas: Lighting the Christ Candle

lighting the christ candle

In the center of my Advent wreath is a tall white pillar. It’s the Christ Candle, and it makes my wreath glow with a friendly light. It makes me think of the host of angels lighting up the sky that first Christmas night. It reminds me that Jesus was the light of the world and […]

How do you keep from being cynical during the holidays? {An Atheist and a Catholic}

An Atheist and a Catholic

Well, we’re back, and this week we’re right in the midst of what everyone else is, too.   Sarah on not being cynical during the holidays: As for me, I don’t. It’s a constant battle. Which is where the Catholic Church has really helped me, to be honest. I can write off nearly all the […]

The Best. Christmas Story Retelling. EVER.

See if you don’t just melt: Video link

Down-Home Explanation of Our Lady of Perpetual Help


A Mary Moment Monday post In my reading of Ora et Labora et Zombies (a novel that comes in the mail, as letters!) last week, I found myself struck by this explanation of Our Lady of Perpetual Help. It’s found in letter 65. “Even Jesus, in his human side, was scared enough of the cross […]

Merry Christmas!


From our family to yours: card from Shutterfly

Phoning In

Screen Shot 2012-12-17 at 10.30.58 PM

It’s been a while since I’ve pointed you to the other writing I do, so…here’s your chance to click and find the voice you know and love here in other places (which you are also welcome and encouraged to know and love): Advent Dropouts, Unite! OK, maybe not. In this month’s “Just for Moms” at […]

Spending Advent with Mary: Two Books to Guide You Closer to Christ

mary books for advent

A Mary Moment Monday post If you’re like me, the fact that the Second Sunday of Advent has come and gone doesn’t mean you have your Advent figured out. (If you’re not like me, feel free to brew some coffee and smile.) This year, somehow, despite all the usual floundering, I’ve found myself with an […]

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