When all else fails, post pictures

With two of the "first ladies" of Catholic media, Teresa Tomeo and Lisa Hendey

It’s gotten me through many years of blogging blocks before. After The Great Computer Ruination of the Weekend (no, I did NOT have to replace my computer, though it is cobbled-together at best and limping-along at worst, so prayers appreciated), I find myself accepting certain realities about my life right now. I’m not going to […]

Quick Takes with Pictures

Used with permission; copyright Michelle Arnold Paine

— 1 — You know what makes me happy? This conversation from Facebook and the subsequent picture I have in my head because of it. Anyone know where I can find a statue of Mary on a HORSE? Huh? I think I need one. Well, come to think of it, I probably need two. My […]

Behind the Veil with Steve Nelson


This week, I’m blessed to share a delightful guy with you…drum roll, please. Meet Steve Nelson, who blogs at Everything Esteban, tweets as @steve_nelson, and has a major hand in one of my favorite online resources, SQPN. -1- Tell us a little about your work with the Star Quest Production Network (SQPN). For the past […]

Hopes for the CNMC 2011


I so hope I can join all the cool kids in Kansas City for the Catholic New Media Conference, Saturday, October 1. It’s possible I won’t be able to attend, life being what it is. But boy, do I ever WANT to attend! The program? It looks like the BEST YET. The extra day of […]

Dragging My Feet

cat exhausted

Usually I approach this screen with excitement. Often I have three ideas to pick from and only room for one. As a rule, blogging is one of my very favorite forms of writing. Not today. Not this week. Not lately. CNMC overload? A questioning based on some of the thoughts that were planted during that […]

Looking for the Hat, by Cathy Adamkiewicz


Cathy A. (because I only just learned how to pronounce her last name at the CNMC, and she will be Cathy A. to me no matter what) has been blogging for quite some time. Her blog name, in fact, “from the field of blue children,” is a whole story in and of itself. (What’s not […]

My Blogging Talk at the CNMC MMX

For everyone who couldn’t make it and for anyone who’s slightly curious, here’s the uStream of my talk last weekend at the Catholic New Media Celebration (also embedded below). I follow the brilliantly talented Thomas Peters, of the American Papist blog, and my talk starts at 01:02:04 on this video (it’s worth watching and listening […]

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