Pictures from 3 Amazing Days at #RECongress in LA

with Kerry Weber and Lisa Hendey at the John Wayne airport in Orange County

Two days ago, I flew across the country. It’s my first trip to California, and I have many observations. One of them involves the sun and the temperature. The reason I’m here is the Diocese of Los Angeles’ Religious Education Congress, where Lisa Hendey and I have two talks (we did our first talk yesterday, […]

A Smile with #SmallSuccess on the Side

Matt Warner (who knew what snow is), Brandon Vogt (who is just shy of TEN YEARS younger than me!), Sarah Reinhard, Josh Simmons (eCatholic)

It’s Thursday, which means we’re taking the time to note our successes, however small, today over at Here are mine: 1. I played hookey on Tuesday. I put on a favorite scarf, did my hair, put in a pair of my comfort earrings, and drove to the big town to see the Trifecta of […]

Catholic Writers Live Coming Soon!


This is realllllly worth attending, and I’m going to be stalking it with great interest, as I’m unable to attend. I went for the first time a few years ago and had a blast of a time, learned a ton, and, best of all, met some great people. There’s something to be said for meeting the faces […]

Snapshots of my life of late

Pre-conference on Saturday, the St. Gabriel folks are ON FIRE!

Because I HAVE to blog every day, you know. (Does this add to my traffic? Does. not. matter. I have bigger motivations.) And this is all I have for ya, so enjoy:

All Sisters Are NOT Nuns

NOT nuns

There I was, in front of 2000 women, all but squeeing about nuns as I introduced them. I stepped away, smiling and thoroughly enjoying myself, eager to hear what they had to say about living the virtues through the lens of Mary. Except, as I found out when I sat down to hear them speak […]

See you at the conference! #CCWC2013


Today is the height of my crazy this week as I prepare for an entire Saturday with 1600 women here in my hometown diocese at the Columbus Catholic Women’s Conference. I’ll be tweeting just as much as I can at the Columbus Catholic Women’s Conference using the hashtag #CCWC2013 (it’s not case-sensitive). Can’t make it? No […]

Seven Fun Takes


— 1 — Got plans to be in or around Columbus, Ohio on Saturday, February 23? Well then, I’ll see YOU at the Columbus Catholic Women’s Conference, where there will be great speakers (Fr. Leo Patalinghug! Suzanne Fowler! Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist!) and some crazy farm girl MC. (Yes, me.) The cost […]

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