The Friday Before…


Before what, you ask? Well, before a lot of things, as it turns out… — 1 — …the end of the Lenten Project. I don’t know whether to get all psycho-optimistic or to be a bit realistic. Will we reach 1000 books funded? I dunno. We’re running the campaign through Good Friday, March 29. […]

The Hope of the Resurrection

resurrection plant flower

A Mary Moment Monday post Ah, Lent is over. We leave the desert for the feast. And I find myself wondering, yet again, what the point of it all really is. Chocolate bunnies and shreds of colored grass? Fancy new shoes and curled hair? Egg hunts and bouquets? It’s all too easy to get jaded […]

Writing Here and There

At  Tech Talk: Laudate, An App Worth Downloading A while back, when I was looking for Rosary app recommendations for Droid users, a friend of mine called Laudate (then Catholic One) her “one stop” app for all things Catholic. I felt sort of sorry for her, truth be told. I’m an Apple user, and […]

Serving as Loving

jp2 kissing foot

A Mary Moment Monday post I had to go to the back of the church to nurse the baby, so I had a clear view of the front of the church after Father’s homily on Holy Thursday last week. He invited everyone forward to have their feet washed. “It’s a gift you give me,” he […]

Divine Mercy and Mary

A Mary Moment Monday post It’s Easter Monday, and Sunday was quite a day (both for our family in 2010 and for the disciples 2000 years ago). In the midst of the Divine Mercy Novena and with Divine Mercy Sunday coming up next week, it seems appropriate to reflect on the message of Divine Mercy. […]

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