Who Needs a Teddy Bear When You Have a Teddy Baby? {Mom to Mom}

who needs a teddy bear when you have a teddy baby

Here’s a family story to make you smile and maybe even want to cuddle a baby. Who Needs a Teddy Bear When You Have a Teddy Baby? By Melanie Jean Juneau A newborn can see clearly for about 8 inches, just far enough to focus intently on his mother’s face. It is almost as if […]

The Smallest of Small #SmallSuccess


1. I planned my dinners for this week. Ahead of the day of consuming them. 2. All 1000 baskets of laundry: empty. That’s because the clothes were (gasp) PUT AWAY. In the dressers and closets. 3. Why yes, there IS still dog hair e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e. But at least I made the oldest kid vacuum the floor. […]

Feeding People = #SmallSuccess

Small Success Thursday

1. I made dinner last night (an actual dinner, with an apron on and everything). And there were vegetables. And…we ate them. 2. I cleaned off the Piled High With Junk From Last Year counter over the weekend. As of Wednesday night, it is still (mostly, kind of, slightly, sort of) cleaned off and all my children are […]

Short and Sweet #SmallSuccess

word among us helps

1. I folded about 10 baskets of laundry last night. And THEN I oversaw the Putting Away Of Most Of It. With the kids helping. (Admittedly, this may be a HUGE success.) 2. In the last week I’ve closed the lid of my laptop and played multiple versions of Monopoly, the Game of Life, Sorry, Uno, and […]

They’re NOT Resolutions, They’re GOALS


It’s Lisa Hendey’s fault. I was all set to just take the high road on resolutions (or not, as the case may be) or maybe just discern a word like I did a few years ago (I’m still on the same word, mind you…) But then Lisa had to write a post that not only […]

My Fertile Imagination {Mom to Mom}


Have you struggled with infertility? In the letter that follows, Erin McCole Cupp shares some of her struggles and offers encouragement. And there are some book recommendations too, no extra charge. “My Fertile Imagination” By Erin McCole Cupp Dear Less-than-fertile Catholic Mom, I remember, during the year I was writing my first novel, walking away […]

Teeny Tiny Itsy Bitsy in a #SmallSuccess Kind of Way


Time for small successes, and LOOK! We have a pretty logo! Credit for that beaut goes to none other than Dorian Speed. I just lovvvve it, don’t you? So, if you were counting, that’s 1. And no, I didn’t do more than put out a call out in my networks asking for someone to help. But […]

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