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From the Midst of Puketivities #SmallSuccess

view and bouquet
I never thought I’d say this, but the puketivities around here haven’t derailed me. No, really. In fact, I even have some small successes! 1. I made an appointment for confession and spiritual direction. (I haven’t gone yet, mind you, but I made the appointment. I...
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Pass the Coffee #SmallSuccess

There are times when celebrating the small gets to feel like it’s a little…much. And lately, that’s been a battle for me. I get it. Yes, celebrate the little ordinary things that make life awesome. Yes, go forth and do little things with great joy....
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Laundry and Mowing and Poolside #SmallSuccess

2014-06-03 13.49.16
Here I go, small successin’ away… 1. I got ahead of the laundry on Sunday and then I caught it yesterday and stayed right on top. 2. I mowed…before it turned to baling. (Though my three-year-old is a BIG FAN of baling. Go ahead. Ask...
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No Real Blogging HERE #SmallSuccess

love note
1. I feel like I’ve been dumping my blog lately and not doing any real blogging or writing here. The small success in that: I’m moving forward. (I have the same approach with housekeeping. Hopefully my blog fares better than my house…) 2. I took the...
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The Smallest of Small #SmallSuccess

1. I planned my dinners for this week. Ahead of the day of consuming them. 2. All 1000 baskets of laundry: empty. That’s because the clothes were (gasp) PUT AWAY. In the dressers and closets. 3. Why yes, there IS still dog hair e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e. But...
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Feeding People = #SmallSuccess

Small Success Thursday
1. I made dinner last night (an actual dinner, with an apron on and everything). And there were vegetables. And…we ate them. 2. I cleaned off the Piled High With Junk From Last Year counter over the weekend. As of Wednesday night, it is still (mostly, kind...
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