The Many Faces of Mary

Lithuanian Madonna

I can’t ever forget March 16. It’s not my day; it’s not my pain. And yet, in many ways, it is. March 16 marks an anniversary that I still can’t talk about (and I haven’t written about in a while). It’s the day Logan was born. And the day he entered heaven. I was feeling […]

The Old Tree

the old tree

Today, I’m happy to welcome an old friend to my little cyber-sandbox. She’s sharing a story that touches me every time I read it (I’ve read it a few times) and when she gave me permission to share it here, I was delighted. Enjoy! The Old Tree By Carol Ann Chybowski I was just a […]

Inspired to Be Like Mary

Mary Figure

I go through spurts with resolutions, and January 1 has always been meaningful to me. But it wasn’t until I became Catholic, with a devotion to Mary I couldn’t really understand (much less explain), that it became really significant. And then, in 2005, after an Advent of journeying with Mary to Christmas during my first […]

Ten and Three


Ten years ago: Three years ago: Today: We’re fans of November 29.

Pass the Coffee Before You Turn the Clocks Back #SmallSuccess


So. It’s NOT Thursday. But I have a special guest tomorrow and I still wanted to play the Small Success game. (Does that count as a success, that bit of thinking ahead?)   Here are my three successes this week: 1. I asked my husband to take a day off work so that I could […]

To My Almost-Confirmed Niece


Dear Junie, We are so very proud of you. And though you’re not confirmed yet, we’re close enough for me to reflect on it. I remember you being born. You guys lived with Grammy for a few months before you moved, and I had an inside scoop to seeing little baby Junie in action. I […]

Thoughts on Parenting and Motherhood {An Atheist and a Catholic}

An Atheist and a Catholic

One of my passions is encouraging other moms, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that I find myself encouraging Brittany, too. Her son is just over a year old (my kids are 8, 6, and 2-almost-3). We’re very much in the trenches together and yet also in different places. Here’s our recent conversation on parenting […]

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