Ellen Gable, a New Novel, and Addictive Reading


When Ellen Gable told me she had written a new book, I had an instant reaction: “YES, I’D LOVE TO READ IT” followed immediately by “OH MY GOODNESS, BUT WHEN?” (Yes, it was an all-caps reaction. Welcome to my inner brain.) So, two weeks ago, when I was on a plane flying across the country, […]

Down-Home Explanation of Our Lady of Perpetual Help


A Mary Moment Monday post In my reading of Ora et Labora et Zombies (a novel that comes in the mail, as letters!) last week, I found myself struck by this explanation of Our Lady of Perpetual Help. It’s found in letter 65. “Even Jesus, in his human side, was scared enough of the cross […]

Weekly Giveaway: Don’t You Forget about Me & Stealing Jenny


Oh fellow fiction lovers, get ready! Two novels I loved reading, available for you to win! This week’s giveaway: a Rafflecopter giveaway Don’t You Forget about Me By Erin McCole Cupp (Full Quiver Publishing, 2013) About the book: Mary Catherine Whelihan made it out of Walkerville alive once before.  Can she pull it off this […]

Tomato Pie and Novel Fun

Erin McCole Cupp

I’m always looking for a good novel, and when I find one, I’m always eager to share about it. And in Erin McCole Cupp’s new novel, Don’t You Forget about Me, I have found a winner! This book has all the elements that make a book addictive: a compelling story told well with characters who are […]

A collection of stories so real, I had to pinch myself


A Hero for the People: Stories of the Brazilian Backlands, by Arthur Powers, is a book I stumbled upon. I didn’t expect it to be good, much less at the “write to the author and ask for an interview” level. I didn’t expect much from it. I found myself, about a third of the way […]

A Book for Your Beach Bag: Barefoot Summer


Normally, late August is a fine time to set up at a beach or by a body of water here in Ohio. It’s usually hot and hot and hot. Though it’s not been that way this August, I still find myself looking for some beach reads. And I found a good one in Barefoot Summer, by […]

Yes, you should read these books.

3 resources every catechist should have and use

I have debated for years whether I should do a writing round-up here. I mean, I have a Twitter feed that’s dedicated to that. But I think I may just start rounding some things up here on Sundays. Or not. We’ll see. (How’s that for a non-decision?) The New Evangelization and You: Be Not Afraid, by […]

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