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Over at Catholic Exchange earlier this week, I shared five ways your family can honor Mary in May (and beyond). At yesterday, I made a list of seven new books Mom will love. Now, off to enjoy the spring allergy season, the beautiful colors, and the sunny weather…

7 Gift Ideas for Moms

gift ideas for moms

Tis the season for stressing thinking about another gift-giving opportunity, so I bring you… — Time Alone — Some moms could just really use some time to recharge by being alone. That means no one else is around. Oh yes, you can be awesome and give her an entire Saturday, but you could also arrange to give her […]

7 Gift Ideas for the Time-Challenged

7 Gift Ideas for the Time-Challenged

I wasn’t going to do a post today, but as it turns out, it’s cold and windy and I want to hunker down with my blog and some coffee, a la “the good old days of blogging.” So, here we go, gift ideas for people who may or may not be like some people I […]

Quickly, Quickly


— 1 — Ashley Collins (who I interviewed a few weeks ago at cracks me up. What do you think of his reality show idea? There should be a way to insert Jen Fulwiler and Danielle Bean in there, I think, and get me outta there. Then again, I’ll bet it would be lotsa […]

Gifts for Busy Moms

Around Mother’s Day, Jennifer Fulwiler wrote a post about unique Mother’s Day gifts that were, among other things, free. I thought of that post the other day, when I was ready to pull out either my hair or the hair of one of my children. It made me think how some of the very best […]

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