I hate crying, but that doesn’t stop anything.

raindrops tears

I’m a dry-eyed gal most of the time, and I have always prided myself on that trait. Then I started going to Mass. I certainly didn’t mean to turn into a blubbering mess.  At the time, I was a tough know-it-all college graduate, and I was only there because this good-looking Prince Charming of mine […]

The Power of Tears at Catholic Exchange


A nun, a prayer, and a new way to pray. It’s not a new story, not really. It is, though, one I love to tell, and I’m telling it over at Catholic Exchange today: Our Lady of Tears presents us with an image of the Blessed Mother, and an opportunity to transform our own tears into prayer. […]

A Mother’s Tears

Mary Figure

A Mary Moment Monday post I’ve been thinking about this post since Friday afternoon, when my mother-in-law got a call from my sister-in-law about what had happened in Connecticut. Then, a friend on Facebook started a prayer movement. But…what can I say? What can I add? All I have is a title. And a mental […]

Fighting the Tears


I was sitting in Mass when I was inspired by an idea for a Quick Takes post. Maybe it’s that I actually remembered tissues or maybe it was the Holy Spirit. The problem, however, with doing a themed Quick Takes post about how to best keep yourself from crying at Mass is that it started […]

Tears as Gift


A Mary Moment Monday post I hate crying. As a certified (and probably certifiable) ENTJ, I hate the fact that I have this tendency to…cry. I don’t mind it in others; I can even see it as a beautiful expression of the moving of that person’s heart. I don’t mind sentimentality so much in other […]

But aren’t tears BAD?

A short excerpt from my latest column at CatholicMom.com, “Tears as a Gift?“: A while back, Deacon Tom Fox wrote a column in this space called “The Gift of Tears.”  I’m a dry-eyed gal most of the time, and I have always prided myself on that trait. Nothing says “practical farm girl” quite like dry […]

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