Trusting God with My Dirt


Spring is well underway–with all its gusty¬†unpredictability, and I’m left with a lot of mud on my hands. It’s on our shoes, in the yard, and seemingly on flat surface of my home on some days. I can’t help but be grateful on so many levels. Mud means spring, and spring means many of my […]

A Bit of Daybooking


Outside my window: It’s dark, because it’s night. Waaaaay past my bedtime, in fact. Usually I have a “no computer” rule after dinner, but that’s been sliding in the last few months and today’s been full. I just finished this great book and I can’t wind down just yet, so here I am. Around the […]

Mary at the Manger

marmon valley nativity

A local farm near us does a reenactment of the Christmas Story every year, loading folks up on wagons and driving them to different stations. One station replays the Annunciation and then the appearance of the angel to Joseph, reassuring him that he should marry Mary.¬† The next shows Mary and Joseph arriving in Bethlehem, […]

Quick Takes of the Quick & Random Variety

girls riding

— 1 — Less than a month until we can all have our hands on this: Join me in a happy dance, will you? It’s not available yet for pre-order, but just as soon as it is, I’ll be sure to let you know! — 2 — Have you seen the great work Greg and […]

Recent Reads & More In Seven


-1- Stealing Jenny, by Ellen Gable I mentioned it a while ago, but wanted to bring it up again because it is now available for purchase. It will keep you on the edge of your seat and probably destroy your sleep pattern as you stay up to find out what happens. But beyond being a […]

Because the Days are Fleeting


I have a pile of books to review here, in this space. I have requests in my inbox for announcements to be shared here, in this space. I have thoughts swirling in my brain, waiting for the chance to come out here, in this space. But I also want to remember that this space is […]

Wordless Wednesday: Moving Up


…to a HORSE, that is. (She informed me she’s going back to the pony next week. He’s easier to get trotting.)

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