Jerry Shares – Books and Hobbies

I’m honored to welcome Jerry Weber back for a discussion of his favorite books and his hobbies.  If you have missed his earlier posts, you can read them here: Anxiety and Depression Faith as Foundation Recent Reading The last book I read was The Lamb’s Supper, by Dr. Scott Hahn.  The book is already ten […]

Jerry Shares – Faith as Foundation

Last week, we met Jerry Weber and learned about some of his struggles. This week, he’ll be sharing resources that have helped him in his struggle with anxiety and depression. First and foremost I think God has been a tremendous help in my struggles. I’m still not where I want to be with it all […]

Jerry Shares – Anxiety and Depression


Greetings!  My name is Jerry Weber and it’s a pleasure to be a guest here. I’m a San Diego, California, native and current resident, single with no children, high school graduate, and I have been working in the maintenance & operations field with school districts for about 11 years now. I’m a Roman Catholic, fairly […]

Seven on Friday

–1– There’s a giveaway at in honor of the Month of the Rosary that’s worth checking out.  Not only are a few of my favorite books included, but there’s a handmade rosary that’s to drool over (and pray with).  Be sure to leave your name in the comments this month for a chance to […]

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