A Saturday Morning Daybook


Outside my window: The sun is shining in. Around the house: Silence, blissful and quiet. Won’t last much longer. What I’ve been writing: I have another big project on my plate (yes, a book) and there’s the usual assortment of online writing. Do you like having a list of my writing in other places? I’ve […]

The Hope of the Resurrection

resurrection plant flower

A Mary Moment Monday post Ah, Lent is over. We leave the desert for the feast. And I find myself wondering, yet again, what the point of it all really is. Chocolate bunnies and shreds of colored grass? Fancy new shoes and curled hair? Egg hunts and bouquets? It’s all too easy to get jaded […]

Mary’s Pope


A Mary Moment Monday post My glimpse of what a truly special guy John Paul II was came while my husband and I were sitting in the living room just a few nights ago. My husband, who’s of the strong and silent type about pretty much everything, had a strange look on his face as […]

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