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This Week in Pictures

He is Risen! That means we Reinhards get out fancy duds and take squinty pictures facing the sun after Mass.
It’s been ENTIRELY too long since I’ve done a fun picture post. And hey, it’s Quick Takes Friday! Double win! Add to that the fact that it’s Friday in the Octave of Easter = bacon, baby!!! (Or ham, at the very least.) — 1 —...
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Seven a Day Early: Pictures I Found on My Camera

  Yes, I’m a day early. (Though if it’s always 5:00 somewhere, isn’t it Friday somewhere by now?) But I have to blog today so that he comes home on time and I have a review to post tomorrow and…and…and…well, I can go on. But I...
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Phoning In

It’s been a while since I’ve pointed you to the other writing I do, so…here’s your chance to click and find the voice you know and love here in other places (which you are also welcome and encouraged to know and love): Advent Dropouts, Unite!...
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Becoming “that” mom

I was minding my own business, really, talking to a mom friend and pushing my toddler on the swings. I didn’t ask the little boy to come up to me.  I didn’t even smile his way. But he did come up to me.  He wasn’t...
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The Tale of the Cure for Tangly Hair Tears

Once upon a time, there was a little girl with tangly hair. Her mother brushed it, but it always hurt. That little girl grew up and had children of her own. Wouldn’t you just know: one of her kids had tangly hair. When she discovered...
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8 Things I Try Not to Say to My Kids {Mom to Mom}

mom to mom series
By Katharine Grubb Moms, we have a powerful weapon at our disposal: our words. We all know the painful things that were said to us as children, some even by our parents. We all know that words can leave a permanent, painful reminder of how...
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Driving Safely with Kids in Tow

By Aaron Schulman For many parents, the thought of taking a road trip with their children is about as enjoyable as having a physical exam at their doctor’s office. With some simple preparation however, driving long distances with children in the back seat can actually...
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