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A Mother’s Tears

A Mary Moment Monday post I’ve been thinking about this post since Friday afternoon, when my mother-in-law got a call from my sister-in-law about what had happened in Connecticut. Then, a friend on Facebook started a prayer movement. But…what can I say? What can I...
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Advent Wreath Link-Up Fun [with updates]

Advent Wreath Link-Up at Snoring Scholar
Welcome to this year’s Advent Wreath Link-Up! We’re past the halfway point of Advent, and this Sunday, we’ll be putting up our Christmas decorations. I don’t know how I’ve held off my deco-happy kids this long, except that they are enjoying the “lighting things on...
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Don’t forget to send your Advent wreath pictures!

Advent Wreath Link-Up at Snoring Scholar
Remember last year’s Advent wreath link-up? Wasn’t it fun? Didn’t you love it? Well, I did. So let’s do it again! What you do: Take a picture of your Advent wreath. How you participate: Option 1: Post your picture to your blog and send me the link...
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Advent in 7

Graphic via A Cyberpilgrim's Blog
— 1 — Remember last year’s Advent wreath link-up? I just stumbled across that post the other day and thought, hey! Let’s do that again! What you do: Take a picture of your Advent wreath. How you participate: Option 1: Post your picture to your blog...
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Happy Thanksgiving!

While you’re stuffed with turkey and in between football games, stop over to New Evangelizers and read Dr. Marcellino D’Ambrosio’s reflection on Thanksgiving and Eucharist. And then, because it’s worth reading and reflecting upon, read Abraham Lincoln’s original Proclamation of Thanksgiving. Talk about perspective… Have...
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More coffee?

Please? No? Well then. No giveaway this week. We’ll be back with more books next week. Hopefully. But I don’t want to leave you high and dry. So here, lest you think that we are all serious all the time, are some videos that not...
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A Saturday Morning Daybook

Outside my window: The sun is shining in. Around the house: Silence, blissful and quiet. Won’t last much longer. What I’ve been writing: I have another big project on my plate (yes, a book) and there’s the usual assortment of online writing. Do you like...
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Walk with Mary During Your Pregnancy

A Catholic Mother's Companion to Pregnancy

The Solution to Stir Crazy

Catholic Family Fun


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