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Turning to Mary

A Mary Moment Monday post I’ve struggled this winter. I’ve tried to stay quiet about it, because it’s intensely personal and maybe a percentage of it is my imagination (or so I’d like to think). I originally blamed it on Christmas, but it didn’t really...
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When Hope’s All You Have

Sharing about my struggle with depression has been something I’ve done hesitantly at best. In part, it’s an intensely personal journey, and one that I’m not sure is best aired here (or anywhere except in my own home, honestly). In the last two years since...
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Finding Peace This Year

I started thinking about a one word resolution for the year when I read Rachel Balducci’s recent post at Faith & Family Live, and then, hearing Lisa Hendey and Rachel talk more about it in this week’s Faith & Family Livecast, I found myself suddenly...
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Jerry Shares – Faith as Foundation

Last week, we met Jerry Weber and learned about some of his struggles. This week, he’ll be sharing resources that have helped him in his struggle with anxiety and depression. First and foremost I think God has been a tremendous help in my struggles. I’m...
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Jerry Shares – Anxiety and Depression

Greetings!  My name is Jerry Weber and it’s a pleasure to be a guest here. I’m a San Diego, California, native and current resident, single with no children, high school graduate, and I have been working in the maintenance & operations field with school districts...
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This Day’s Daily Bread

I mentioned the other day that one of the lessons I’ve learned from my summer sabbatical is that God will provide.  He doesn’t always provide what I want, but He always, always provides what I need. This summer, what I needed, more than anything, was...
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