It’s Not About Me {Mom to Mom}

Jeannie Ewing

You know that person who always seems to know just what to say? Who drops you a line right when you most need it? Who seems to bring to life whatever God wanted you to hear or know? That’s been my experience in the last year with Jeannie Ewing. Though we have never met face-to-face, […]

Parenting Tips for Moms from Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton {Mom to Mom}


One of the special saints in my life is Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton. She’s so special to me, in fact, that we picked her as my oldest daughter’s patron saint. (Or one of her patrons, anyway.) I love the idea of turning to Saint Elizabeth for mothering tips, and these tips, in particular, speak to […]

Who Needs a Teddy Bear When You Have a Teddy Baby? {Mom to Mom}

who needs a teddy bear when you have a teddy baby

Here’s a family story to make you smile and maybe even want to cuddle a baby. Who Needs a Teddy Bear When You Have a Teddy Baby? By Melanie Jean Juneau A newborn can see clearly for about 8 inches, just far enough to focus intently on his mother’s face. It is almost as if […]

Baring My Heart a Bit


I can’t help but laugh at myself every time I see my kids prancing around the house, at least one of them naked, one of them screaming, and one of them careening with a bang. I watch them, basking in life and burning off their before-bed energy, and I turn my mind to heaven, to the […]

Inspired to Be Like Mary

Mary Figure

I go through spurts with resolutions, and January 1 has always been meaningful to me. But it wasn’t until I became Catholic, with a devotion to Mary I couldn’t really understand (much less explain), that it became really significant. And then, in 2005, after an Advent of journeying with Mary to Christmas during my first […]

Because Yeah, Mary Was Human

Mary did you know

I didn’t have a good excuse. No sudden death, news of great tragedy, or personal fall-through. The clock just met 4:00, the kid of choice started with the customary late afternoon ranting, and it all unraveled from there. Somehow, the everyday things – the weight of my worries, the onslaught of my duties, the trial of […]

Bonding with Baby Before Birth {Mom to Mom}

bonding with baby before birth

Today, a guest post that makes me think of how Mary must have felt all those years ago. Was it only eight years ago that I too was ready to burst, full of baby and hope and fear? It changed my approach to Christmas, that’s for sure. How did you bond with your baby before […]

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