Gimme Shelter: It’s on My To-Watch List

Gimme Shelter tickets

From the press release I received yesterday: Pro-life champion Kathy DiFiore has had a remarkable life filled with redemption and hope. A suburban wife and mother, she escaped an abusive marriage only to find herself homeless and on the street. She focused on saying the prayer of St. Francis and eventually was able to reclaim her […]

The Haiyan Effect: Our Call to Respond


Last week, as Super Typhoon Haiyan was unfolding, I blogged at the Register and kept myself as close as I could to the situation. And then my life hit. I haven’t really been keeping up with any news reports this week due to some other circumstances, so today, when I heard about Catholic Relief Services’ […]

At the Register: Cheering the Pro-Life Response


I wrote my latest piece at the Register right before I went to Mass for All Saints Day. As it happened, I was lector. The first reading, especially the last phrase, nearly got me to share my gift with everyone: He said to me, “These are the ones who have survived the time of great […]

My Response at the Register (or, God Knows Best)


Part of me really regrets writing that most recent piece about Amazon. Yesterday, I took the whole day to just…not read any more comments. (Turns out the ones that were waiting on me weren’t so bad. Or maybe the peace that comes from immersing myself in scripture and prayer had me in a better frame […]

In the heat of the moment: find me elsewhere.


So I wrote a piece about Amazon that went up on Sunday at the Register. And then I read the comments and wrote a response. And NOW, my brain is fried and I have a bunch of other work to do. *** In less controversial areas, I’m talking about the rosary one last time over […]

I’m at the Register…


…talking about the God Particle, euthanasia in Canada, and a salmonella outbreak. Someone pass the happy juice. Or an orange flower. (Read all the way to the end. There’s a good laugh…or at least, I thought it was worth a chuckle.)  

I interrupt your day to say, “Look! I’m at the Register!”


I don’t know if I should be thrilled or terrified by this: I’m now blogging for the National Catholic Register. My first piece is up: The Government Shuts Down. My House Keeps Running. So Far. My first response upon hearing that the government was shutdown was to snort-laugh, with an eye roll, too. I mean, […]

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