Pictures from 3 Amazing Days at #RECongress in LA

with Kerry Weber and Lisa Hendey at the John Wayne airport in Orange County

Two days ago, I flew across the country. It’s my first trip to California, and I have many observations. One of them involves the sun and the temperature. The reason I’m here is the Diocese of Los Angeles’ Religious Education Congress, where Lisa Hendey and I have two talks (we did our first talk yesterday, […]

Ten and Three


Ten years ago: Three years ago: Today: We’re fans of November 29.

A Smile with #SmallSuccess on the Side

Matt Warner (who knew what snow is), Brandon Vogt (who is just shy of TEN YEARS younger than me!), Sarah Reinhard, Josh Simmons (eCatholic)

It’s Thursday, which means we’re taking the time to note our successes, however small, today over at Here are mine: 1. I played hookey on Tuesday. I put on a favorite scarf, did my hair, put in a pair of my comfort earrings, and drove to the big town to see the Trifecta of […]

To My Almost-Confirmed Niece


Dear Junie, We are so very proud of you. And though you’re not confirmed yet, we’re close enough for me to reflect on it. I remember you being born. You guys lived with Grammy for a few months before you moved, and I had an inside scoop to seeing little baby Junie in action. I […]

The No School, Fun Day Off Quick Takes

mom getting things done

If you’re looking for An Atheist and a Catholic, we’ll be back next week. But to keep you entertained, I bring you… — 1 — Brittany and I got a new picture: And yes, we have matching shirts. With a logo she designed: So yeah, she’s a Ph.D. But I’m a big fan of her […]

A Celebration of Six


Six years ago, our lives were transformed again, as three became four. And it’s been a pile of laughs and drama ever since, with sparkles on top.

Quick Takes of the Tall Corn Variety

day lily peach

Look! Two weeks in a row! Well, don’t get¬†tooooo used to that… — 1 — I’m trying to be more weekly about my giveaways. I mean, I can’t read all these books, so I might as well share them, right? If you haven’t entered, today’s the last day for this one: — 2 — OK, […]

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