I *LOVE* Catholic guilt. Here’s why.

catholic guilt

Remember how I shared a quote on guilt a week or so ago from my Lenten reading? Well, here’s the full column it inspired from me… * Why I’m Glad for My Catholic Guilt Every time I hear someone complain about “Catholic guilt,” I want to throw something. I stumble and stutter, trying to explain […]

On not allowing guilt to fester

clean me

This struck me from my morning reading of Jesus of Nazareth, and I thought I’d share it here. The point is this: guilt must not be allowed to fester in the silence of the soul, poisoning it from within. It needs to be confessed. Through confession, we bring it into the light, we place it within […]

May Lent Inspire the Fire Within

a thought for lent

Ash Wednesday always has an effect on me. It’s not just my struggle with fasting, but also my struggle with authority. I wanna do it my way. I wanna just go along, be happy and comfortable and unencumbered. The thing is, being comfortable and unencumbered usually aren’t part of being happy, at least not the kind of […]

Believing Nothing Is Impossible


A Mary Moment Monday post I take a lot of comfort from this insight from the pope: Mary truly believed that ‘nothing is impossible to God’ and, strong in this confidence she let herself be guided by the Holy Spirit in daily obedience to his plan. How can we not desire that same trusting abandon […]

The Last Saturday of March Daybook


Outside my window: It’s looking like it’s going to be a gray day, but I’m okay with that. Around the house: The girls are up and watching some early morning TV curled under blankets. My boys are sleeping. The washer’s at work across the room and I’m thinking of what I need to do this morning. […]

Saturday Quick Takes: More of Me, Lent Goodness, and a Picture


— 1 (Be Proud of Me) — Yeah, I know. It’s not Friday. The temptation was strong to do two posts yesterday, but aren’t you proud of me? I resisted! So here I am on Saturday with some Quickish Takes… — 2 (Book Giveaway Winners) — If you entered my book giveaway this month, I […]

Snowy Saturday Daybook

Outside my window: Snow! On the ground! Around the house: There’s a pile of people–Daddy and girls–on my couch, watching a movie. The boy is dragging a stool around the kitchen counters, seeing what fun he can find. What I’ve been writing: I’ve been treading water and keeping up with my weekly commitments. I have […]

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