My Favorite Novena


I love novenas. They give me a chance to feel like I’m actually doing the work of prayer, as opposed to just dashing off a quick request and sending it heavenward. They remind me, over the course of the nine days of prayer, of the discipline and the focus that I can give as a gift […]

I love iBreviary (and the Liturgy of the Hours).


  I’ve long loved the Liturgy of the Hours. There’s something that’s both organized and delightfully spontaneous about them. And that sentence doesn’t make any sense until you experience praying them. Years ago, I bought the Book of Christian Prayer and that began a devotion that’s been strong within me, if a bit haphazard in practice. […]

I wanted to blog, but all I had was this daybook…

boys atractorin

Outside my window: Cold and white with cold on top. It’s pretty, I give it that. Around the house: They’re in the bathroom doing something with toothbrushes and giggles. What I’ve been writing: The latest is a reflection on some reading I did for the Catholic Spiritual Direction Book Club – Saint Francis de Sales […]

Short and Sweet #SmallSuccess

word among us helps

1. I folded about 10 baskets of laundry last night. And THEN I oversaw the Putting Away Of Most Of It. With the kids helping. (Admittedly, this may be a HUGE success.) 2. In the last week I’ve closed the lid of my laptop and played multiple versions of Monopoly, the Game of Life, Sorry, Uno, and […]

Looking for Apps? Here Ya Go.


Just heard that Al Kresta is re-airing the interview this afternoon that I did with him a few weeks ago about Catholic apps. You can listen live between 4-6 p.m. ET by clicking the LISTEN LIVE button in the right-hand corner of the Ave Maria Radio website. In the interview, you’ll find out that: 1. […]

Catholic App-a-holic Talks Nonstop


So I was on with Al Kresta today and I was totally outed that: 1. I do not have a smartphone. (And I don’t really want one.) 2. I don’t have a device right now, either. (Thank you, Destructoboy.) But yes, I am still an app-a-holic. And because I am all about helping others to […]

Praying Like I Mean It


I don’t remember when I became such a fan of bearded men, but I think it has something to do with the young man I married nearly a decade ago. His beard reminds me of Kenny Rogers’s beard, but that’s not why I like it. For me, his beard represents all his hard work. Somehow, […]

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