The No School, Fun Day Off Quick Takes

mom getting things done

If you’re looking for An Atheist and a Catholic, we’ll be back next week. But to keep you entertained, I bring you… — 1 — Brittany and I got a new picture: And yes, we have matching shirts. With a logo she designed: So yeah, she’s a Ph.D. But I’m a big fan of her […]

In which @MeredithGould answers burning questions about #SocMGospel


World, meet Meredith Gould. Oh, you already knew her? Well, that figures. But I’m not surprised. {I’d like to note that she got that great clock for only $8.95. I suspect there’s more to the story, but the fact that she let me use that picture is simply great, don’t you think?} I met Meredith […]

Quick Takes of the Tall Corn Variety

day lily peach

Look! Two weeks in a row! Well, don’t get tooooo used to that… — 1 — I’m trying to be more weekly about my giveaways. I mean, I can’t read all these books, so I might as well share them, right? If you haven’t entered, today’s the last day for this one: — 2 — OK, […]

Trees Falling, Books Read, Other Randomness

mer toothless

It’s been a while since I’ve played in the Quick Takes sandbox, so here goes… — 1 — The highlight of my week: meeting up with Julie Davis of Happy Catholic fame. No, I didn’t leave Ohio. No, she didn’t leave Texas. This is IN REAL LIFE in a great new way, I’m telling you. Lunch with […]

7 in Pictures


I don’t take as many pictures as I used to. But, because I think maybe my Number One Fan and some others of y’all might just, you know, need a break from my words…here you go: — In bloom — The apple trees: The redbud: The lilac in the farrrrr corner: — Bouquets — — […]

7 Gift Ideas for Moms

gift ideas for moms

Tis the season for stressing thinking about another gift-giving opportunity, so I bring you… — Time Alone — Some moms could just really use some time to recharge by being alone. That means no one else is around. Oh yes, you can be awesome and give her an entire Saturday, but you could also arrange to give her […]

7 Reasons I’m Reading This Book NEXT


I was supposed to blog about this LAST Friday, but in the spirit of “better late than never,” Slacker Sarah is here with last week’s news. — 1 — Have you seen this fresh-off-the-presses new release?   On Heaven and Earth, by Pope Francis (that’s Jorge Mario Bergoglio pre-papacy). — 2 — Then watch this. […]

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