Along the Twitterview-way with Randy Hain


What do early mornings, writing, and my blog have in common? This week, Randy Hain, the man who’s up before some people are in bed, dad to two boys, author of two books, co-founder and senior editor at Integrated Catholic Life, managing partner at Bell Oaks Executive Search, founder of conferences, speaker, presenter, and inventor of time […]

A Handbook for the Journey: Along the Way by Randy Hain


Have you read the story of Martha and Mary lately? It’s in Luke 10:38-42. So often, I relate with Martha. She’s juggling a thousand things, and, quite frankly, getting a little irritated with that sister of hers who has the nerve to just plop down and lounge. The other night, though, I caught myself being […]

A Briefcase for Every Catholic


I picked up Randy Hain’s new book, The Catholic Briefcase: Tools for Integrating Faith and Work, with a lot of excitement. I’ve been longing for good Catholic business resources for quite some time. About 18 months ago, after my husband asked me about it, and then someone emailed me for recommendations, I compiled a list of Catholic […]

Coming Up on My Review Reading: Some Good-Looking Books!


I haven’t read any of these yet, and I don’t know how soon I’ll get to them or in what order. (Then Lent titles probably get top billing, but…we’ll see.) The blurbs included below are from the back covers or from other book information and not my own, except as marked in italics. The Catholic […]

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