The Assumption: A Taste of Flesh and Blood


A Mary Moment Monday post that’s also a book excerpt In the Assumption, we get a taste of flesh and blood. It’s a mystery of the Rosary that, to me, blends the joy of family members all hugging each other with the brilliancy of great details. Details make all the difference, don’t they? Knowing that […]

Trusting God with My Dirt


Spring is well underway–with all its gusty unpredictability, and I’m left with a lot of mud on my hands. It’s on our shoes, in the yard, and seemingly on flat surface of my home on some days. I can’t help but be grateful on so many levels. Mud means spring, and spring means many of my […]

I *LOVE* Catholic guilt. Here’s why.

catholic guilt

Remember how I shared a quote on guilt a week or so ago from my Lenten reading? Well, here’s the full column it inspired from me… * Why I’m Glad for My Catholic Guilt Every time I hear someone complain about “Catholic guilt,” I want to throw something. I stumble and stutter, trying to explain […]

Finding God in My Golf Game

finding God in my golf game

A few years ago, my husband discovered golf. I was mildly amused, but not really interested. I had books to read, after all. But then he took me along. I just walked the first nine holes with him, but it made a significant dent in my disinterest. It didn’t seem boring when I was in […]

Why Am I Catholic?


It’s a question that can be asked a variety of different ways: WHY am I Catholic? Why AM I Catholic? Why am I Catholic? Why am I CATHOLIC? As I sat in the middle of a downpour a while back, cheering for my team despite the rain dripping impossibly into my nose, I had this […]

Dear Men, We Need YOU!


I grew up a bona fide Daddy’s Girl. My dad couldn’t go anywhere without a ponytailed tag-a-long. I recall vividly, one time, as his old red International truck was pulling out of the driveway, running along side yelling for him to stop. I’m sure I had told him that I didn’t want to go. And […]

Smoke Detector Faith

smoke detector

Originally published on November 11, 2006. I came across it in my archives quite by accident, but it struck a chord, so I’m sharing it today, again. * * * This morning, I woke up a half-hour before I had to because of a beep. It was an insistent kind of noise, and it didn’t […]

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