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Knees and Waves on the Fourth of July

For me, Independence Day has never been as much about fireworks as about corn. For as far back as I can remember, the benchmark of summer was the height of the corn by the Fourth of July. “Knee high by the Fourth of July” punctuated...
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God as Mystery, God as Neighbor

God as Mystery, God as Neighbor
Today I find myself grateful for the gift of email. Before you snort your coffee and think I’m being a special brand of sarcastic, let me invite you to read on. Jurell Sison emailed me out of the blue, proposing that he share a reflection...
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The Assumption: A Taste of Flesh and Blood

A Mary Moment Monday post that’s also a book excerpt In the Assumption, we get a taste of flesh and blood. It’s a mystery of the Rosary that, to me, blends the joy of family members all hugging each other with the brilliancy of great...
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Trusting God with My Dirt

Spring is well underway–with all its gusty unpredictability, and I’m left with a lot of mud on my hands. It’s on our shoes, in the yard, and seemingly on flat surface of my home on some days. I can’t help but be grateful on so many...
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I *LOVE* Catholic guilt. Here’s why.

catholic guilt
Remember how I shared a quote on guilt a week or so ago from my Lenten reading? Well, here’s the full column it inspired from me… * Why I’m Glad for My Catholic Guilt Every time I hear someone complain about “Catholic guilt,” I want...
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Finding God in My Golf Game

finding God in my golf game
A few years ago, my husband discovered golf. I was mildly amused, but not really interested. I had books to read, after all. But then he took me along. I just walked the first nine holes with him, but it made a significant dent in...
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Why Am I Catholic?

It’s a question that can be asked a variety of different ways: WHY am I Catholic? Why AM I Catholic? Why am I Catholic? Why am I CATHOLIC? As I sat in the middle of a downpour a while back, cheering for my team despite...
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