They’re NOT Resolutions, They’re GOALS


It’s Lisa Hendey’s fault. I was all set to just take the high road on resolutions (or not, as the case may be) or maybe just discern a word like I did a few years ago (I’m still on the same word, mind you…) But then Lisa had to write a post that not only […]

A Bit of Daybooking


Outside my window: It’s dark, because it’s night. Waaaaay past my bedtime, in fact. Usually I have a “no computer” rule after dinner, but that’s been sliding in the last few months and today’s been full. I just finished this great book and I can’t wind down just yet, so here I am. Around the […]

Saturday Fun

Are you a fan of resolutions? I usually am, and I’m talking resolutions in my latest column at To Resolve or Not to Resolve. Intercessory Prayer: A Must-Read What Would You Like Me to Pray For? Pat Gohn inspires and challenges me yet again. Here’s an excerpt: The interior logic of intercession leads to […]

Listen Up

listen stand

A Mary Moment Monday post My one-word resolution this year is LISTEN. For someone with a lot to say and a lot of words waiting  to be used, there’s a certain amount of challenge. Listen does not mean “observe.” It does not equal half of my attention, while I’m doing three other things. It doesn’t […]

Mama’s Voice


Part of the Mary Moment Monday series I hear the bathroom door open, followed by the sound of a baby wailing. “Work your magic, Mama,” my husband says. He sounds pretty calm, but I remember when he first did this, six years ago, with our oldest daughter. I was taking my first shower in 36 […]

Quick Takes from Chaos

uncommon sense

1. Introducing a “Mary Minute with Chesterton” I have been listening to Uncommon Sense, the podcast of the American Chesterton Society, since it started. I blame the hostess, Nancy Brown, for fanning the flame of interest I already had in G.K. Chesterton with her insightful commentary and interesting interviews. The latest episode, #40, features my […]


My latest column at, “Failed Resolutions,” is more serious than what I’m sharing here today, which is a list updated from a post I did back on the brink of 2008. Subtitled “Things You Won’t Hear Me Saying This Year” “Coffee? Never drink the stuff.” “Um, no, we don’t have any Chips Ahoy or […]

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