Parenting Tips for Moms from Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton {Mom to Mom}


One of the special saints in my life is Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton. She’s so special to me, in fact, that we picked her as my oldest daughter’s patron saint. (Or one of her patrons, anyway.) I love the idea of turning to Saint Elizabeth for mothering tips, and these tips, in particular, speak to […]

Weekly Giveaway & 5 Things I Love: My Sisters the Saints (the book)


A giveaway of the great OUR SISTERS THE SAINTS, by Colleen Carroll Campbell, along with five things I love about a saint from the book.

Another Saint to “Light the Night”


A few weeks ago on Facebook, one of my friends shared that he entrusts cancer patients to Blessed Chiara Luce Badano. I already dedicated my “Light the Night” walk to St. Peregrine, who’s the official patron of cancer, but I couldn’t help but look up Blessed Chiara. After reading about her, I’ve decided she’s on […]

My Sisters the Saints: A Book Review


I’m always a little scared, lately, when I agree to read something that is either biography or memoir. Though they can be well-done (and often are), they can also represent a genre that, well, sends me packing and screaming and launching a book across the room. I was unable, though, to turn down the chance […]

My 2013 Saint


I love the practice of getting a saint for each new year. I had forgotten all about it this year, but Maria Johnson reminded me. My saint for 2013 is… Saint Isidore the Farmer! Ahhhh, a smile. Oh yes. He makes sense in so many ways. Adding him to my litany. Hop on over to […]

Are you still thinking saints? I am!


We salute the saints on November 1, but that doesn’t have to be the end of our involvement with them. Try one of these ideas to keep your November saint-filled. Ah, November. It’s almost the season, and I can already feel myself getting the pre-game jitters. Soon I will be shopping and buying and planning […]

The Loveliness of a Personalized Litany


The saints have long been a special love of mine. It’s just SO COOL to have a group of heroes and mentors and real-life people who are already in heaven. They weren’t perfect, either. They were a colorful, often crusty bunch. As I’ve been reflecting on the importance of praying for others, I realized that […]

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