Small Town Life and Mary


A Mary Moment Monday post I’ve been writing at least weekly about Mary for quite some time, and especially with my projects in the last year, I’ve “met” many different titles and apparitions of the Blessed Virgin. In each of these “meetings” with Mary, I have found myself tugged and pulled and, well, changed a […]

Fun Stuff All Over


Big Life Achievement of the Week: Hosting my first ever podcast. And not just any ole podcast, but one of my very faveys. Those folks at Faith & Family are fearless, I tell ya! Danielle Bean, Pat Gohn, and I talk new media and Fathers Day. Don’t miss the chance to participate by calling to […]

Three Letters, One Word


A Mary Moment Monday post It’s going to be a rough day. I knew that when I woke up, and I am not dreading it, much to my surprise. Maybe it’s because I know I’m in good company; maybe I got enough rest over the weekend to prepare me; maybe I am shielded by prayer. […]

Mary at Cana


My latest column at Today’s Catholic Women is on Our Lady of Mental Peace.  She’s a new favorite Mary of mine. I’m also over at Faith & Family Live with “Turning to Mary for Comfort.” – This week’s Mary Moment Monday is inspired by a question a Facebook friend asked me recently. I am writing […]

Expectation and Martyrs

Our Lady of Expectation

There are, my calendar tells me, only four days until Christmas. It seems appropriate, then, that on December 18, the Church celebrates Mary as Our Lady of Expectation.  I’m celebrating her all week.  It’s a title that speaks to my to-do list, to my Advent silence, to my longing for Christmas joy. She must have […]

The Guadalupe Daybook

Mary this week: I’m a big fan of Our Lady of Guadalupe, so I guess it’s no surprise she’s the topic of my columns at Faith & Family Live, Today’s Catholic Woman,, and  And you know what?  I think I could keep going about Our Lady of Guadalupe, and maybe I will (though […]

A Bits and Pieces Mary Monday

Guadalupe shirt BlackWhite

It’s hard for me to have a favorite apparition of Mary – as I went from marveling at the “basic Mary” (Mother of God, I suppose) when I first became Catholic, to hearing the different titles and stories associated with different areas, I found myself finding something special – something to relate with – in […]

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