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Phoning In

It’s been a while since I’ve pointed you to the other writing I do, so…here’s your chance to click and find the voice you know and love here in other places (which you are also welcome and encouraged to know and love): Advent Dropouts, Unite!...
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Showing Our Gratitude in Our Tweets

By Maria Johnson We’ve all heard it – The Internet is an insidious source of distraction and evil in contemporary society. It’s true! I blame a certain little addiction to cute farm animals and shiny pink tractors as one of those distractions. Thanks to family...
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What You’re Missing

Maybe you’ve noticed that I’m less active on Twitter and Facebook since Lent started. It’s not that I’ve given them up for Lent (as you know if you saw my flurry of excitement the other day about my book being on Amazon and my author...
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Guardian Angel as Horse

This recent conversation was too good not to share. Me, on Twitter and Facebook: I am starting to wonder…could 3yo’s guardian angel BE a pony? She says yes. I flirt with heresy by tending to agree. @MarkRSz (who has shared wisdom here before as a...
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Tupperware, Dogs, and Ramblings, Oh My!

~1~ Every week, I debate whether I’m going to actually do a Quick Takes post. And usually, whether or not I can think of a theme (which is what my obsessive-organized brain prefers, much like Simcha), I decide that it’s a great holding ground for...
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The Week in Tweets

I could come up with seven things to talk about for this week’s Quick Takes post, but thought I would, instead, share seven tweets from this week with you. (You’ll find more of these at my Twitter account.  Sometimes, they post on Facebook as well. ...
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Last Week’s Tweets

RT @SamaritansPurse: The price of one #SuperBowl ad slot could provide a month of food and comprehensive care for 85,000 orphans. # RT @colleenspiro: Happiness is a good book. # My latest at Faith & Family Live: Mary Makes a Splash, Reflecting on Our Lady...
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