Sometimes, You Just Have to Be Still


I’m not good at being still. I’m not good at trusting God. It’s an ongoing lesson. There’s an art to stillness, and this weekend, I realized that maybe I’m getting better. Not good, but better. See you at Integrated Catholic Life for more.

Hands and Mary

The Promise of Mary Star of the Sea

When my first child was a wee little thing, grasping at other people’s fingers, I took quite a few pictures of her hands. So maybe I’ve been intrigued by hands at some level for many years. There’s no doubt that my interest in Mary combined with my interest in hands for my latest piece at […]

I love iBreviary (and the Liturgy of the Hours).


  I’ve long loved the Liturgy of the Hours. There’s something that’s both organized and delightfully spontaneous about them. And that sentence doesn’t make any sense until you experience praying them. Years ago, I bought the Book of Christian Prayer and that began a devotion that’s been strong within me, if a bit haphazard in practice. […]

Baring My Heart a Bit


I can’t help but laugh at myself every time I see my kids prancing around the house, at least one of them naked, one of them screaming, and one of them careening with a bang. I watch them, basking in life and burning off their before-bed energy, and I turn my mind to heaven, to the […]

I wanted to blog, but all I had was this daybook…

boys atractorin

Outside my window: Cold and white with cold on top. It’s pretty, I give it that. Around the house: They’re in the bathroom doing something with toothbrushes and giggles. What I’ve been writing: The latest is a reflection on some reading I did for the Catholic Spiritual Direction Book Club – Saint Francis de Sales […]

Got Time for a Home Visit? No? Why Not?


“Mom, there’s someone at the door.” It was a Saturday morning and I hadn’t showered yet. I’m pretty sure I had only had one cup of coffee, so all my brain cells weren’t firing yet. That must be why I responded completely intelligently with a “Whaaaa?” “There’s SOMEONE at the DOOR.” They hadn’t rung the […]

In which I finally write about Confirmation Boot Camp


For quite a few years, I remember hearing complaints about how confirmation classes were required and there was no way to get out of them, barring serious illness or death. But recently it seems there are more excuses for not attending confirmation classes—like a required sports practice or a pile of homework as big as […]

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